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Tuesday 15th of June 2021
Personal Income Tax For Remuneration Only
करदाताको किसिम    आर्थिक बर्ष  
Annual Income
Salary (with Grade)
Over Time Payment
Entertainment and Transportation Allowances
Leave Pay
Prizes, Gifts
Payment for other Facilitations
Dearness Allowances
Cost of Living Allowances
Rent Allowances
Discharge or Reimbursements of personal Costs
Payment to the Agreement to any Conditions of the Employment (Section 8.2.d)
Payment for Redundancy or Loss or Termination of the Employment (Section 8.2.e)
Retirement Contributions and Retirement Payments (Section 8.2.f)
Fringe Benefit for Vehicle Facility (Section 27.1.b.1)
Fringe Benefit for House Facility (Section 27.1.b.2)
Fringe Benefit for Housekeeper, Chauffeur, Gardener, or other domestic Assistant (Section 27.1.c.1)
Fringe Benefit for any Meal, Refreshment, or Entertainment (Section 27.1.c.2)
Fringe Benefit for Drinking Water, Electricity, Telephone, and similar Utilities (Section 27.1.c.3)
Difference of actual Interest and Interest as per Market Rate in Case of a Soft Loan (Section 25.1.d)
Other Amounts to be included in remuneration (as per attached List)
Annual Deduction
Employees Provident Fund
Citizen Investment Trust
Life Insurance
Medical Insurance
Total (Addition)
Total (Deduction)
Total Income minus(-) Total Deduction
Annual Medical Expenses
Medical TAX(15% of Medical Expenses)
Calculate Tax

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